Coding For Good Competition

In the Fall of 2012, GOOD Worldwide LLC released a coding competition.  Through the competition, I learned HTML/CSS/Javascript in one month and created a (very basic) web application inspired by my love of travel using the Google Maps and Instagram APIs.

In January 2013, GOOD announced this project to be of the top three submissions. It is no longer hosted but below are screenshots.

Progression through clicks

Progression through clicks

landing page

As a child, I had few opportunities to travel, so these days I get excited over any trip. So much so, that I Google Maps my route, Yelp restaurants, read hotel reviews, and research attractions multiple times before every trip. In a way, I enjoy living the experience of travelling before going on the trip... 


The journey begins

Upon entering the site, one can indicate an Origin and Destination using Google Maps and with the click of a button, imagine themselves traveling there. The distance from the Origin to the Destination appears along with a countdown of the driving time. Using the Instagram API, a recent Instagram tagged with the name of the Destination location appears. 



Loved one coming home?
Start the application when they embark on their trip, and it will count down until their arrival.
The goal is to get people excited about their destination. This application can be adapted to make travel more enjoyable in many ways. Music or podcasts from the destination city can be played for the duration of the trip.